HBH Goldfish Flake Frenzy (.35 oz)

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1 review for HBH Goldfish Flake Frenzy (.35 oz)

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    I have a 5 Gal. Tank with2 Goldfish, a filter and air stone. I noiectd over thepast few weeks a brownish to very dark brown build up on my sea shells and it’s now starting to spread to the tank glass I change the water about 2 gal. bi-weekly ad while doing so I clean everything in the tank except the shells I clean the inside glass and use the suction to get rid of as much bottom stuff as possible old food fish feces and so on. I have only had my tank for 5 months but this is th 1st time I have seen this brownish build up. What can I do t get rid of it and what is it???

    • The Brown stuff is algae. Algae builds up when there is too many “nutrients”
      (Waste) in the water. Two Gold fish in a 5 gallon is too little water for them. To get rid of the algae either change 100% of the water twice a week or get a 20 gallon tank. Thanks

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